Modern Peasant Records Fall 2018 Ad in The Big Takeover Magazine!

DD Retro Grunge Background 11233

It’s that time of year again when The Big Takeover Magazine is published in the late Fall! Check out our ad in the new issue, and head over to our band links to buy our newest releases by Red Cities, The Sinners, and The 667s! And check out our other bands as well, such as John Wayne’s Bitches, Zombie vs. Shark, and The Putters! Have a good holiday season.

The Putters “Got Something for Your Daughter” 7″ Single is available at Modern Peasant Records!

The Putters “Got Something for Your Daughter” 2-song Single still available in 7″ vinyl! The Putters first recording since the 1990s, this record shows their garage punk charm. It is also available in digital at Bandcamp