The Putters

The Putters: Playing for gas money since 1992

James Erdman Esq. : Bass, Vocals and ringleader.
Dr. Rober Scafe : Guitar, Vocals and rock encyclopedia.
Nathan Hill : Guitar, Vocals and sarcasm.
Bryant Grace : Drums and smiles.

The Putters – Got Something for Your Daughter E.P. (MPR-001)


A: Housewives and Handgrenades

B: Practicing


Available Digital at Bandcamp

The Putters – Good Friends with Your Mother E.P. (MPR-008)


A: Dirt Gun; Runs with the Dogs

B: Bad Sleep; Come on Over


Available Digital at Bandcamp

The Putters “Chocolate Cake” single

Putters Chocolate Cake

Available Digital at Bandcamp